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Farmer in Field

My Story

I'm Bridgette Readel and agrology and agriculture is in my blood.  I have been in the industry for years and during that time, have seen gaps in training. 

I am  from Hunter, ND.  My background is in
ag sales, marketing, mentoring, and now radio. 

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What I Offer

Negotiation Skills, Overcoming No

Do you often take "no" as the only answer and walk away?  Do you wish you had a skills you could tap into so you were a better negotiator? 

Lilac Layne Media offers training for retailers, distributors and agriculture businesses geared specifically toward the agriculture industry.  Start being the boss you know you are and ask me more!

Agronomy Selling

It's way more than a price list and a pick up.  When it comes to agronomy, you have to have the knowledge to guide people with the subtle skill of knowing how to close the deal.  Lilac Layne Media can help you close more deals and build your confidence.

Personality Styles

Who are you?  Who Am I?  What makes us work?  Once you learn about personality styles, you will be able to identify how another person prefers to receive information and cues on selling them.

Generations in the Workplace

Learn to sell outside your comfort zone so you can talk to anyone, at any age and they can relate to you.  Lilac Layne Media will provide the education and know-how you need to be successful in any setting.

Media Training

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Your Customers

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Elisa Pritchard

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