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Agriculture Sales Training

Get the education and edge you need with ease!

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My Story

Bridgette Readel, farm kid extraordinaire, NDSU grad, passionate agriculturalist from Wishek ND and now lives in Hunter.  She and her husband Randy, are both heavily involved in agriculture and the parents of two adult children who are mostly off the payroll.


Although she graduated as a high school ag teacher, she’s now active teaching adults regarding  agriculture production and truly enjoys sharing the bright and positive message of ag in North Dakota. 


Bridgette has over 25 years of industry experience in sales and technical agronomy.  She has served as a trainer and mentor for over 70 students and new hires in agriculture sales.


She is an active public speaker, radio host, sales mentor and serves on the board of directors for Big Iron Farm Show and North Dakota State University Department of Ag Economics. 

What Lilac Lane Media Can Do For You

Negotiations Training for Ag Sellers

Do you often take "no" as the only answer and walk away? 
Do you wish you could improve your skills and tap into resources to make you a better negotiator?

Lilac Lane Media offers training for retailers, distributors and agriculture businesses geared specifically toward the agriculture industry.  Start being the boss you know you are and ask me more!

Personality Styles (DISC)

Who are you?  Who Am I?  What makes us work?  Once you learn what are the different personality styles, you will be able to identify how another person prefers to receive information and the cues you can use to successfully sell to make them your loyal customer!

Compliments well with Segmenting Your Customers

Segmenting Your Customers

Segment your customers so you can reach out to them with ease and sell them products and services at the right time.  Lilac Lane Media can assist you in making sure your message gets to the right people.

Compliments well with Personality Styles

Customer Sales Calls

Learn to sell outside your comfort zone so you can talk to anyone, at any age and they can relate to you. 
Get skills in: 

  • Pre-Call Plan

  • Gathering Resources

  • Setting up the Appointment

  • Follow-up After the Call

Lilac Lane Media will provide the education and know-how you need to be successful in any setting.  Follow Up with you in 2 Weeks, 30 Days, 90 Days and 6 Months, based off your needs.

Media Training

Get comfortable using media to promote your business and yourself!  Lilac Lane Media has programs for:

  • Radio

  • Video 

  • Social Media

so you can maximize your online presence and marketing dollars.

While you get the most benefit of in-person training, Lilac Lane Media can also provide online training.

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